- Equipment -


F-55 and Cabrio (2 of 4)

Sony Cine Alta PMW F-5                (Macie)

Sony FS7 MKII with 18-110mm lens  (Macie)

Sony PDW-700  XDCAM HD           (Macie)

Sony Cine Alta PMW F-3                 (Macie)

Panasonic HDX-900  DVCPRO HD 2/3"  Multiformat: 720 and 1080i 


Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm T 2.9 Servo Zoom for Sony F-5 or Sony F-3 Cine Alta cameras.

F-55 and Cabrio (4 of 4)

Set of Zeiss Compact Primes for F-5 and F-3

Fujinon HD 5.2 X 10 wide angle or Fujinon (HD) HA 18 X 7.6


4-Atomos Samurai Blade 10 bit external recorders.

Atomos Shogun 4K external recorder with 2 960 Gb drives to create MOV or MXF files.

Convergent Design nanoFLASH  Creates MOV, MXF or XDCAM HD  compliant files from any of my HD cameras.  

Tektronix WFM-5000 Waveform, Vectorscope test set for camera alignment and set up. 

DSC Labs, Chroma Du Monde Chart for camera matching and post production color control. I created Beautiful Custom Profiles for my all my cameras; the scene files can be used to bring two cameras to a color match. 

Panasonic 17" LCD HD Field Monitor

2- 8" Panasonic LCD Field Monitors w/ SDI


Sound Devices 664, 552, or 302 broadcast mixers 

Wireless: Lectrosonics UHF (6), Lectrosonics VHF (4), SR-b Lectrosonics for camera hop        

2-Lectrosonics UHF Cubes with Beyer Hand Mic (no scratches- looks great on air)

Sanken COS-11 (5)  and Sony (5) Lavalier Microphones                                                                             

Sennheiser MK-60 Shotgun with K-Tek carbon fiber boom pole


3-Kino-Flos, 4 LED panels, tungsten with Chimera diffusion, HMI Lighting, Grip and Support. 

Post Production

Adobe Production Suite Creative Cloud

Portable or Studio edit system

NHT A-20 Audio Monitors 


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